Monday, January 14, 2008

Jack Dieval Quartet & Paris Jazz Quartet "Chappell Dance and Mood Music vol.12" Chappell, 1972

Here is yet another release from the Chappell DMM serie. Two different sessions by veteran french Jazz pianist Jack Dieval, the first side is described as Free music, while the second is described as Music with vibes. Once again, this LP contains a track compiled in the Strut's "Music for dancefloors, the cream of the Chappell music library sessions", this track is named Green water.
The first side of this LP while not completely atonal or free from any Jazz structure does contain elements of Free Jazz and it's hard to believe that any of these tracks pleased the ears of anyone of those in charge of the music departments in radios or televisions, even if it was during the seventies. I know that this will sound like a sterile dualism but i really like the fact that
french Library musicians seems to have been obsessed with Jazz in the same way that italian Library musicians have been obsessed with abstract proto-electronic music.

One last thing, for those who would be puzzled by the fact that the given date for the previous Chappell DMM vol.18 was 1971, and that the one given for this DMM vol.12 is 1972, these are surely the dates of recordings but may not be the dates of releases.

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The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Jack Dieval

PS : Henri Texier's Varech has been reuploaded in the original post