Sunday, July 01, 2007

Various Artists "Le boom boom ! vol.3, even more french exploitation beats from the sixties"

At last, here is the third volume of Le boom boom! i bet those who were waiting for it already know what to expect, so here is a short description of what is contained within this nearly 150 Mo folder.
30 instrumental or wordless vocal tracks, mostly from 1962/63 by the usual bunch of artists with americanized pseudonyms or not (James Award, Teddy Rush, Henri Renaud, L. Marischal...), there are also some newcomers like The Monks (who have nothing to do with the Garage Rock band of the same name but were lead by Jean Claude Pelletier) or the really good Rocky Twist and his Bips Bips.

Accent has been put on Madison and Twist for this third one, with some personal favorites of mine, like Leo Petit's frantic version of Kili-watch or the very jazzy Starting hit by Bill Video and quite a lot more in fact.
When i started this serie i wanted to make available to the whole world something that i knew would stay undocumented. These records are not rare (even if they are quite difficult to find in excellent shape) but i'm sure that to find them outside of France would be a challenge so, stuck between the Yeye and the anti Yeye movement, here is my final statement on the great lost sub Yeye genre.

Don't forget to drop me a line in the comment section if you enjoy it so that i will know that this hard work has not been done in vain.

01 James Award et son orchestre - Joe
02 Teddy Rush et son orchestre - Corona Madison
03 Bill Video et son orchestre - Starting hit
04 Charlie Level - Sonia Madison
05 Ensemble Jean Claudric - Une voile au large
06 Henri Renaud et son orchestre - Madison 24
07 Didier Boland et son orchestre - Duck step
08 The Monks - Je suis fou de toi
09 Orchestre L. Marischal - S'il n'en reste plus qu'un
10 Ensemble Roger Bourdin - Royalty Twist
11 Didier Boland et son orchestre - Looping Twist
12 Orchestre James Award - Dada Twist
13 James Award et son orchestre - Twist époque
14 Fred Adison's New Sound - The bootie green
15 Guy Lafitte - Twist, man! Twist!!
16 Rocky Twist and his Bips Bips - Twist Twist
17 L'Orchestre des Champs-Elysées - Twisty Twist
18 Roy Texon et ses Aristocrates - Texon for two
19 Orchestre L. Marischal - Blue Rock
20 Claude Bolling - Hully Gulliver
21 James Award et son orchestre - Panorama Twist
22 James Award et son orchestre - Atout Surf
23 Rocky Graziano et ses Punchers - Harlem 62
24 Roland Goyard et ses Démons Verts - Brigitte's Twist
25 Leo Petit ses Guitares et ses Rythmes - Kili watch
26 Orchestre J. C. Pelletier - Chicken Surf
27 Orchestre L. Marischal - Un deux trois
28 Claude Bolling Big Piano - The Madison time pt.1 & pt.2
29 Orchestre Guy Christian - Mad and mad
30 Orchestre James Award - Temporale

See you soon !

The zip files contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

le boomboom! 3