Friday, January 05, 2007

Lion Warfield/The Lions "Deep throat o.s.t. 45rpm" Vogue, 1975
Christophe "La route de Salina o.s.t. 45rpm" Motors, 1970
Francis Lai "Le chat et la souris o.s.t. 45rpm" Wip Records, 1975

First of all, happy new year to everyone, may 2007 be filled with whatever you want to. Sorry for the lack of update lately but you already know the reason why, it's all about work, personal life..blah, blah....and moreover i think i had to take some rest from my virtual web life.

I have good news and bad news, the good news is that i have quite a lot of excellent records to share in the following weeks and months, the bad news is that all those wonderful out of print records will have to wait before living a digital life of their own because i need a new turntable and since this is not the kind of purchase i do everyday i want to take my time.

Well, anyway, today's share is made of three french soundtrack 45pm. Let's examinate it in details.
First we have the french issue of the "Deep throat" 45 rpm, ok...i hear a voice somewhere and this voice is saying "hey, this is not french". Well, definetely not, of course but only the A side is taken from the movie soundtrack ("Bubbles" by Lion Warfield, this track can be found in both the Trunk Records and the Light in the attic reissues), while the B side is an incredibly groovy Hammond organ instrumental cut more or less inspired by the movie, named "Gorgeous Linda" and credited to an enigmatic band "The Lions". This track is without a doubt the work of Jean-Pierre Sabar (credited to Sabar on the record label), the late seventies Gainsbourg favorite arranger.

The second 45rpm in this package was composed by Christophe, a very curious and talented singer who became famous during the Ye-Ye period for a hit named "Aline". During the seventies Christophe made a couple of LPs wich are worth listening to and even became friend with Alan Vega of "Suicide" fame (quite incredible if you judge the man from his Ye-Ye period hits alone, believe me). The two tracks include in the package were recorded for a movie named "La route de Salina", the first side has vocals but the real gem is the second side, a morriconesque prog nugget with a wordless female vocals choir named "Sunny road to Salina". If you feel the need for more Christophe recording, try his 1978 LP "Le beau bizarre", i can't tell you exactly why but i really love this record in spite of its sometimes cheap and dated arrangements.

And finally the composer of the third single in this package needs no introduction, i bet you already know who Francis Lai is. He was the composer of so many soundtracks that you will need a lifetime to trace them all if you are a completist, but not all of them were as funky as these two titles from "Le chat et la souris" o.s.t.
Just wanted to point out that these two tracks are totally different versions of those which can be found on "Les étoiles du cinéma/l'heure bleue" LP, even if the titles are the same.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

french o.s.t. 45rpm