Monday, January 30, 2006

Francine Laine "Lolitissimo" 45rpm, Riviera 197?

Is there a better choice to start a new "vinyl rip" blog than to post a small erotic artifact from the french seventies ? It seems that Francine Laine (or "Lainé", can't figure if the little mark on the last "e" of her name is an accent or not...) recorded these 2 tracks to promote a now forgotten erotic book named "Lolitissimo" by a guy named René Varrin.
In itself, this is already cool...but what is cooler than cool is the fact that these 2 tracks were arranged by the great André Popp himself !! The man behind the "Delirium in hi-fi" lp and the "Piccolo & Saxo" recordings, the man who wrote "Love is blue"...

So, enjoy and see you soon for more french rarities.


The zip file contains high resolution cover art and tracks encoded at 192 kbps.