Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bernard Gérard "Tempo, musique pour l'éducation psychomotrice" Unidisc, 1977

Finally, after more than a month without any update i'm back and with yet an other Unidisc release.
"Tempo" was the first of two records that Bernard Gérard recorded in this serie for the Unidisc label (the most interesting tracks from the second one will soon be available in a forthcoming sampler) and just like most of this label releases it was recorded for a professional use, here the purpose was psychomotricity. This LP is a favorite of mine, it was the first Unidisc record i ever found and up to this day i still love its sound, deeply rooted in the mid seventies.
One word about the composer, Bernard Gérard is mostly known for the soundtrack of the Georges Lautner classic movie "Ne nous fâchons pas" and for his collaboration with guitarist Claude Ciari on the "Batucada's seven" LP, he also recorded a couple of religious records for the Unidisc and Auvidis label.

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover and label scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.