Monday, July 24, 2006

Various Artists "Le boom boom ! Rock, Twist, Hully Gully, Jerk from France 1963-1968"

This compilation came out of frustration, the famous "i can't find anything and i feel so depressed" record collector Blues. I began collecting cheap sixties french 45rpm when in spite of my frequent visits to thrift stores and fleamarkets, i wasn't able to find anything really worth digging. First i got one with a cool instrumental cut on B side, then two...but when i finally got fifty, i knew i had found something cool, groovy and moreover, something that was still undocumented.
So, let me introduce you to the cheap french exploitation cuts from the yeye period...and beyond.

Nick Toshes in his famous book "Country" claims that the real raw stuff later known as Rock'nRoll died in the early fifties when middle aged producers began to manufacture it.
I know what he means but i'm not the one who will deplore that what was once real became just an other piece of trash dressed in black vinyl, this is what exploitation is all about after all and i love exploitation when it comes to music.
If you were over twenty during the early sixties, the whole yeye movement was a joke and in these folders you'll find the deep end of this joke as seen by thirty to forty something musicians who jumped on the occasion to cash in the sub yeye genre, Twist, Hully Gully...etc.
Some of these musicians are well known, like David Whitaker who recorded a couple of 45rpm for an obscure label named Jockey while he was in Paris. The track includes here, like all the tracks in the "Ce soir après dîner" EP was composed by Loulou Gasté, Line Renaud's husband !
Raymond Guiot and Roland Vincent are also well known musicans, the first thought his several seventies Telemusic releases and the second is mostly known thanks to a groovy little psychedelic gem named "LSD party" included in a couple of compilations. Here you will find Roland Vincent instrumental cover of the Gainsbourg classic "Laisse tomber les filles".

The real winner of this package is quite unknown, his name is James Award, a pseudonym of course and i'm quite sure that "The Reels" and "Samy Cates" are also some of his pseudonyms. Since all the tracks he has recorded are credited to A.L. Prevost, i believe that this is his real name. I know nothing about him except that he is ever present on the cheap "Panorama" label and its divisions "Super Panorama", "Tiercé Panorama" and "GrosJean Rama".
One last word, some of these tracks are product music for clothes, detergent and even cheese manufacturers, anyway you'll find every details in the tags or in the text file included. I'm sure that you will also appreciate the fact that i have included high resolution cover scans of the twenty two records i used to make this compilation.

I'm currently working on a second volume !

I dedicate this one to Litlgrey, i'm glad that you are back online Carl !

Here is the tracklisting

Le Boom Boom !
Rock, Twist, Hully Gully, Jerk from France 1963-1968

01 Guy Christian et son orchestre - Drug store
02 Les Star Twisters - Peppermint Twist
03 Teddy Rush et son orchestre - Characteristic fiesta
04 James Award et son orchestre – Capricorne
05 Les Star Twisters - Duck Twist
06 Joe Doolittle & His Boys - Une fille comme toi
07 James Award - Ne te moque plus
08 Christian Garros & les ''Rock Four'' - Girl Rock
09 James Award et son orchestre - If you please
10 James Award et son orchestre - Dix heures trente
11 Christian Garros & les ''Rock Four'' - Crazy Rock
12 Orchestre James Award - Twist du frère Jacques
13 James Award et son orchestre - Panthère noire
14 Teddy Rush et son orchestre - Imperial tempo
15 James Award et son orchestre - Dance on the Hully Gully
16 James Award - 23h30
17 Christian Garros & les ''Rock Four'' - Organ Rock
18 The Reels - Twenty one Jerk
19 Les Star Twisters - Forgeron Twist
20 Orchestre Samy Cates - Two drums
21 David Whitaker - Strip poker at Caesar's palace
22 Orchestre de ''la discothèque de Paris'' - Quand tu es là
23 F. Amadeo - For ever
24 Grand Orchestre de ''la discothèque de Paris'' - Jack's time
25 Luc Pena - Little Carolina
26 Les Pros - Drugstore midnight
27 Jean-Paul Mengeon - The feel
28 Orchestre Samy Cates - Rock on the beach
29 Luc Pena - I love Kate
30 Raymond Guiot - Manolita
31 Jean-Paul Mengeon - Southern pacific (Hully-Gully)
32 Roland Vincent et son orchestre - Laisse tomber les filles

See you soon !

The zip files contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

le boomboom! pt.1

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

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A quick message to let you know that i'm currently working on a serie of compilations that will be filled with cheap sixties and seventies french and european groovy tracks taken from records i have collected on thrift stores or fleamarkets. Just click on the thumbnails above, the lady on the left and the three men elegantly dressed in their best green suits on the right will help you to have an idea of what you will find in the forthcoming folders.
As usual, the tracks will be encoded at 256kbps and high resolution cover scans will be included. It may take some time (but not too long don't worry), so i jump on the occasion to take some rest. I'll be back soon, be patient it will be worth the wait, believe me !