Monday, June 19, 2006

Guy De Fatto & Jef Gilson "Louez Dieu n°4 45rpm" Pastorale et Musique, 197?
Pax Quartet "Chantez un chant nouveau" Editions Studio SM, 1969

Last post (now deleted) was more or less a parody of what was or what could be Christian Music when adressed to a younger audience. Well, this post is real Christian Music in search of a new way to praise the Lord. In one big folder, you will find two different records so, let's begin with the first one. It is entitled" Louez Dieu n°4".
The "Louez Dieu (praise the lord)"serie was a long one, more than 15 titles in the 7'' format and even a "best of" in the 12'' format. All of them are filled with dull Folk songs except this very n°, what is so special about this one ? First of all, the music was conducted by Jef Gilson, a french Jazz musician who is now gaining recognition thanks to the reissue of his Malagasy sessions about two years ago. Second, if you are into french Jazz or Library music i warn you to sit down before having a look at the list of musicians on this one...ok...let's go :

- Eddy Louiss, organ
- Guy Pedersen, bass
- Pierre Cullaz, guitar
- Jean Schultheis, drums
- Jacky Bamboo, bongos and tumba

and all those wonderful musicians were forced to work on the restrictive (to say the less)
2'30'' format. If someone would have asked Victor Hugo to write one of his long epic poem in the Haïku form he would surely have ended with more or less the same result.
If 15 seconds solo and top Jazz musicians backing an amateur choral of young people singing their hearts out about how much they love Jesus is what you would call a cool experience, then this one is for you.

The second record included in this big folder is an LP by the "Pax Quartet", it is entitled "Chantez un chant nouveau (sing a new song)"on the "Studio SM" label (strange name for a Christian label !). This enigmatic quartet began its career in the second half of the sixties as a vocal band in the french tradition of "Les compagnons de la chanson" before joining the rank of the Christian musicians. What is cool about their records is the fact that they have a vocal and an instrumental side. If you ever come to a Christian karaoke party, "Chantez un chant nouveau" is the record to have in your bag (you may even pick up a girl, if you are not afraid to be engaged for the next 25 years of course), it's light Jazz with some cool arrangements but avoid the vocal side i have only included it here for...mmm...let's say educational purpose.
I have also included in both folders some bonus tracks. In the first one, one track from the "Louez Dieu n°11 45rpm" a groovy little song composed by Bernard Gerard with trumpet and Fuzz guitar and in the "Pax Quartet" folder, two really good instrumental tracks from their "Merveilles" LP (i have already recommended one of them on waxidermy).

See you soon !

The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 256 kbps.

Louez Dieu & Pax Quartet


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Whoops.
C'est drôle de retrouver ici Jean Shulteiss, interprète de l'immense "Confidence pour confidence" !!

9:14 PM  
Blogger whoops said...

c'est vrai que la présence de Schultheis est assez saugrenue (comme celle des autres d'ailleurs). Je pense qu'elle est lié à celle de Guy Pedersen (ou l'inverse peut être), Schulteiss étant à l'époque un batteur/Percussioniste régulièrement utilisé lors des sessions d'illustration musicale, pour Telemusic plus particulièrement.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Chenard Walcker said...

Très marrant tout ça.

Whoops, j'en profite pour te signaler mon dernier machin, qui contient le titre "metamorphoses" fait à partir des posts de ton blog. Je n'ai pas encore linké vers toi, j'attends ton accord avant de t'associer à ça !

10:20 PM  
Blogger whoops said...

salut Chenard, il est bien évident que tu as mon accord.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Chenard Walcker said...

Merci, c'est fait. a+

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God!Deleted this one too!
Not a good day this one.
My regards.
Keep on your wonderful job.
My regards, quidtum.
See you.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pax Quartet with Yvon Gardette was very good!

9:41 PM  
Blogger THE SCENERY WITHIN said...

Hi, wondered if you had a rip of this recording -

Bill Coleman, Jef Gilson & Guy De Fatto - Jazz pour dieu

3:48 PM  
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