Monday, March 27, 2006

Chicken Curry & His Pop Percussion Orchestra "Stereo discotheque" MFP, 1973

Yet another El Chicles in disguise LP and who can resist a band name like this one.
Released in 1973 by the Music For Pleasure budget label, this record was put together by the usual RKM Brussels team, Guy Delo, J. Sluzny and Ralph Benatar. 10 tracks in all (and not 12 as noted on the front cover), 7 groovy originals with funky titles like “Ghetto groove”, “Drums go nuts”, “The snake”... and 3 covers, notably Gato Barbieri’s “Last Tango in Paris”.
An alternate version of “Malaria Fever” named “Malaria febre” appears on another MFP LP by Brasil Tropical Sound. (Update : This alternate version is now available thanks to Kristof on his blog, Space Debris)
"Stereo discotheque" seems to be more or less the brazilian version of their La La La LP.

If you want more El Chicles, you can still find their Chinese Fighters LP ripped by Kristof Space Debris here :

The Chinese Fighters

...and The Sumo's LP ripped by number06 from sounds of champaign here :

The Sumo's

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The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 192 kbps.

Stereo discotheque

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Heaven Blues "Rythm and Blues vol.10" Rythm and Blues, 196?

Believe me, here is a rare one. I couldn't help but pinch myself when i saw it stuck with a dozen of shitty records. Ok, the vinyl itself was far from being mint and even after i cleaned it patiently and lovingly you can expect pops and clicks, but thanks god there is no skip.
What we have here is simply the best release from an obscure sixties french Library label named "Rythm and Blues", it is an excellent Psyche/A go go LP with lots of groovy tracks (and to be frank some cheesy ones too).
I know nothing about the musicians, i believe they were french studio session men who were simply doing their job with more passion than usual, but i'm not even sure that they were french. An interesting fact is that nearly every track are given a different composer credit as if more than ten people packed themselves in a room to write this LP.

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The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 192 kbps.

The Heaven Blues

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Janko Nilovic "Musique pour les enfants sages" Neuilly, 1971

Children music by Library Music maestro Janko Nilovic, of course this is not the grooviest of all his records but all in all it is still a quite satisfying LP even for a grown up man like me.
First released as a Library record by the french label Neuilly in 1970 as a ten tracks 10 inch under the title "Images musicales enfantines", this LP was commercially available on the same label the following year and released again in 1972 by Crea Sound as a Library LP with the title under wich it is presented on this blog today, some sources even talk about a fourth release on a label named Harmonie or Harmonia in 1973.
One word about the Neuilly label, it was founded in 1965 as a library label but had some commercial releases during the seventies, mostly cheap tribute LP's or compilations.

Some links...

An interview with Mr. Nilovic at Scopia (in french)

Janko Nilovic discography at Cosmic Sounds

Vadim Music, you still can find some of the Pulp Flavor Janko Nilovic reissues there

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The zip file contains high resolution cover and label scans and tracks encoded at 192 kbps.

Musique pour les enfants sages

Friday, March 10, 2006

Camille Sauvage "7 drums concerto" Crea Sound, 197?

In its own particular way, this is a kind of Exotica LP for a lunar or industrial landscape. Side one is an experimental suite for a large orchestra full of percussive instruments (hence the title, "7 drums concerto"), side two is made of various proto electronic tracks (notably one of my all time favorite Library Music track, "Ballet vaudou"). The composer of this record, Camille Sauvage also used the pseudonym of Eric Framond and as such released a number of Psych/Jazz LP's on the Montparnasse 2000 label.
Jonny Trunk's Music Library book tells us that the Crea Sound label started in 1970 possibly as an extension of the french Neuilly label, it is surely linked to an other Library label, Mondiophone, the catalogue number of this Crea Sound release is even "Mon 34".

It's hard to believe that such an impressive piece of experimental work has been recorded with any hope of potential commercially speaking, even with the peculiar field of background music in mind. By the way, if the electronic effects on side two remind you of the "Jungle obsession" LP, the reason is surely the electronic effects engineer...Nino Nardini !

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The zip file contains high resolution cover scans and tracks encoded at 192 kbps.

7 drums concerto